Hi, I’m Clare Palmer,

I live in the heart of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside; sharing my home with my husband, two children and our family dog, Kizzy.

As well as my love and passion for Pilates, health and well-being, I believe in the small pleasures in life. For me, this is healthy food, great coffee and time spent outdoors enjoying the elements. I also love paddle-boarding and travel, with a particular love for Bali and Indonesia (where I married).

I have been in the fitness industry for eighteen years. I have taught a wide variety of classes, including yoga and yoga-based classes. For the last thirteen years, I have focused purely on teaching Pilates. Seeing how people greatly benefit from the improved posture, core strength, mobility and flexibility it brings is hugely rewarding!

My Qualifications:

Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates (Fitness Wales 2009); Matwork Bridging Course, Michael King Pilates; Wright Foundation G.P. Referral Consultant; Advanced Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions; Spinal Conditions and Exercise Solutions; Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back; Pre and Post Natal; Pilates Small Equipment; Yoga Level 1.

Many regular workshops & classes by Mk Pilates, Tom Waldron Movement Therapy, Biomechanics Education, Franklin Method, Cherry Baker Education & others.

Member of The Society for The Pilates Method.

About Pilates

Pilates is a body conditioning form of exercise founded in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. The discipline was first developed as rehabilitation for injured soldiers during the first world war. After the war, Joseph Pilates moved to New York and continued his work, rehabilitating injured dancers, gymnasts and acrobats to regain their strength. Joseph Pilates called his method “Contrology”, becoming known as Pilates after his death in 1967. It has been adapted over the years as a safe form of exercise for everyone.

Pilates focuses on posture, alignment (of the spine and the pelvis), precision of movement and intercostal breathing (the Pilates breath) which helps to facilitate the correct core muscle activation (the core consisting of the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and hips or “the powerhouse” as Joseph Pilates called it). The breath also creates a strong mind-body connection, improving concentration and smooth body movements to achieve better mental and physical health and reduce stress.

The exercises focus on quality and precision of movement rather than quantity of repetitions. A strong emphasis is on good technique and control before moving on to harder exercise options. Strength is gradually built, safely and effectively, from the core outwards, helping to strengthen and re-align around the spine and pelvis.

Mat Pilates functions on a body weight system. Sometimes small equipment such as Pilates balls, resistance bands as well as the foam roller and magic circle are incorporated, to add resistance and focus to various muscle groups.

Reformer Pilates uses a piece of equipment which looks a bit like a bed with springs, a sliding platform and ropes and pulleys. Joseph Pilates designed the reformer, getting his inspiration from rigging up exercises on hospital beds while rehabilitating injured soldiers at the start of his career.

Pilates: 10 Health Benefits:

  • Develops deep core strength
  • Improved muscle tone and muscle balance
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Better co-ordination
  • Enhanced balance, power and control
  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • To relieve stress and tension
  • General physical and mental well-being

What Pilates Is Not:

Pilates is not Yoga. Although the two disciplines do have a mind-body connection and both use breath as a focus. Yoga creates a mind-body connection through a meditative state and concentrates on the body-spirit relationship. It stretches and extends muscles, achieving flexibility and strength through holding yoga poses.

Not only an exercise method for women, Pilates is an effective and functional method of body conditioning. It is used today by some of the top athletes in football, rugby, cricket, cycling, swimming, running and many more sports.

Pilates is not just for when we are older. If most of us practiced Pilates much earlier, we would have an increased body awareness and understanding of how to move and use our bodies, helping to avoid injuries (both from sport and everyday life) and would be more powerful and effective in all of our activities.

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